Leah Messer Is Following in Chelsea Houska's Footsteps With 'Selfish' Move

Leah MesserLeah Messer Calvert has never been shy about grabbing life by the horns and living it. She's also no stranger to working hard to improve her family's quality of life -- from caring for her disabled daughter Ali to making sure her other kids don't feel left out to working on her marriage. She knows how to keep the gears turning.

But now she's doing something that may make all the difference for her. She's working on herself, by professionally honing her mad hair and makeup skills in cosmetology school.


She tweeted her happy plans to her followers last Friday, along with her joy over her decision.

Leah has famously rocked edgy hair and makeup looks through five seasons of Teen Mom 2 and even recently signed up as a Mary Kay consultant, so the lady is obviously into looking and feeling your best. She's just taking it a step further to turn it into a potential career. Hey, a girl has to have something more on her resume than "reality TV star" sometimes.

One person she should for sure ask advice from is her co-star Chelsea Houska, who graduated from beauty school last fall. Her fellow fashionista probably has a tip or two on how to ace those exams whilst managing that work-life balance. Chels did it as a single mom, and even though Leah is married, her husband Jeremy's work schedule takes him away from home a lot, and sometimes she feels like a single mom.

Which is why this move is perfect for her. She needs to take care of herself and not make her life about waiting around for the hubs to come home. Developing her skills in something she's passionate about is going to rock her self-worth and make her feel like a new woman. And there's no better example to set for your kids than to teach them to make their dreams a reality.

Do you think Leah and cosmetology school will go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows?


Image via Leah Messer Calvert/Twitter

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