Juan Pablo Hit Where It Hurts the Most by Scorned Ex's 'Advice'

Clare Crawley

Even though she was clearly done with him the moment he dumped her in Fiji, Clare Crawley still has advice for Juan Pablo Galavis. He's probably not going to enjoy hearing what she'd say to him if she ever had the chance.

I know, I know -- there are still plenty of fans who haven't hopped over to Team Clare, but I was actually rooting for her right from the start. And I gained so much respect for her after how she handled things when Juan Pablo cut her loose. She totally put him in his place, where he deserved to be -- and she walked away from the rose ceremony with her head held high.

But wait until you hear what she told Extra as far as what she'd tell Juan Pablo if they ever were to speak again.


She said, "Treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter."

Burn! Way to hit him where it really hurts, Clare. Am I the only one who caught the subtle diss in her comment? Think back to the "excuse" Juan Pablo gave Clare as to why he regretted taking that midnight swim with her in the ocean. Yep. He blamed his shift in feelings on Camila -- saying he didn't want to set a bad example for her by "taking things too far" with any of the girls on the show.

He basically called Clare a slut right to her face and then used his kid to worm his way out of it. It made him look like the jerkface in the equation -- something he most definitely does not want Camila thinking he is.

So in a way, with Clare telling him to treat women like he'd want his daughter to be treated, she's basically saying, "Good luck buddy. Let's hope Camila doesn't wind up with a scumbag like you."

Man, I love Clare. I'm sure she didn't realize it at the time, but she should be thankful that Juan Pabs wound up with Nikki Ferrell instead of her. Plus, it sounds like she's already moved on with another dude, so it's not like she's sitting at home at night wondering what could have been.

Unfortunately for Juan Pablo, he didn't quite come out on top like Clare did. I wonder what he'd say to her now that he knows what a huge dive his reputation took as a result of how he treated her?

What do you think of Clare's advice for Juan Pablo?


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