'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Porsha's Replacement May Have Already Been Revealed

nene leakes

After watching the wrestling match masquerading as part one of the RHOA reunion, I assumed that part two would be much of the same. I was right. While there was no crazy brawl, the women did not hold back trying to take each other down verbally. The most surprising, nastiest behavior came from ...


Momma Joyce, Kandi Burruss' mother. She has been a big source of drama all season long, doing everything in her power to break up Kandi and her fiance, Todd Tucker. She lashed out at him every time they were in the same room, accused him of cheating too many times to count, and even tried to get someone to take photos of him with another woman. She was an absolute NIGHTMARE.

Given how terrible she always seemed, a part of me wondered if there was some major editing at play to make her look this way. Last night, I got the answer. No. A resounding no. That woman is really as spiteful, nasty, and awful as she seemed throughout the season. She certainly didn't hold back while sitting on the couch being questioned by Andy Cohen. Most moms would have flinched as they showed clips of her threatening to choke or slap other castmates. Not Momma Joyce. If anything, she felt even more emboldened to share her vicious barbs.

She clearly was still against the upcoming wedding, pretending like she didn't know the date when the big day was just a week away. She also quipped about wanting to pawn Todd off on another castmate or even Andy (if Todd "went that way"). Momma Joyce was enjoying every last minute of the spotlight being on her. In fact, when Andy asked if she were auditioning for a spot as a Real Housewife, she quickly shot back that she was waiting on her own peach. I have no doubt that it has crossed Andy's mind once or twice. This woman always brings the drama. Honestly, she's almost as bad as Kenya Moore -- and that's really saying something.

After pummeling Kenya, Porsha Williams' standing on the show is still in question. I wouldn't be surprised if Momma Joyce was asked to replace her full-time. 

What do you think of Momma Joyce's behavior during the reunion?


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