Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Put Jace in an Explosive Situation

Jenelle Evans and Jace

Grrrrr! I try my very best to give her the benefit of the doubt because she is working so hard to turn her life around -- but it looks as though Jenelle Evans might have a bit more growing up to do as far as being a model parent goes.

Yes, she's clean, healthy, and doing everything she can to regain custody of her son Jace. That's why she really needs to pay close attention to what sort of activities he's involved in, particularly when he's around her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

But wait until you hear what Nathan is about to get Jace into.


Jenelle posted this tweet a little while ago. You guys? I'm speechless.

Fireworks?!? The kid is only 4 -- how in the heck is there anything remotely safe about letting him set off fireworks?!? (OMG.)

I guess there's always the chance that Nathan plans on using them with his friends with Jace nowhere in sight -- but why on Earth would he buy fireworks with a little boy if he didn't plan on allowing him to take part in doing them? You know Jace has to be all sorts of excited about them, so I highly doubt he'd let him down like that.

Ugh. And I know Jenelle is so happy to have found a man who is good with her son, but she still needs to put her foot down as far as what Jace is and is not allowed to do -- especially when it comes to his safety!

Fireworks and kids just don't mix. Period. Actually, the notion of a grown adult not realizing how dangerous this is might be just as scary as the thought of something happening to the child during the fireworks show. (Wake up, you two!)

Do you think Jenelle is being irresponsible?


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