Jenelle Evans' Latest Pregnant Bikini Pic Is -- WHOA Baby! (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans and Jace

She might as well soak up every ounce of relaxation she can before baby Kaiser's arrival this summer, and based on a new photo of Jenelle Evans on the beach showing off her big ol' baby bump in a bikini, it's clear she's doing just that.

Gah. It must be nice to live somewhere close to the ocean where it's warm enough for bathing suits right now. (Jealous.)

Back to Jenelle's bump, which is definitely getting more and more "out there" every single day.

Check it out.


Jenelle Evans baby bump

Holy moly!

More power to her for not being afraid to wear her bikini with pride. I'm sure she was a heck of a lot more comfortable in the hot sun without any extra material clinging to her.

Seriously though, Jenelle's preggo beach bod is definitely brag-worthy. Remember that selfie she took in a pink bikini a couple weeks ago? Yeah, that photo combined with this new one prove she's "all baby" as they say -- and lucky for her, pregnancy hasn't taken its toll on the rest of her figure.

Although ... she did indicate on Twitter that she was pretty sunburned the morning after the beach trip, so choosing to bare so much skin did obviously have one negative effect. (Hey, you can't win 'em all.)

Have you worn bikinis during your pregnancy?


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