Chelsea Houska's Mysterious 'Breakup' Tweets Don't Include Some Crucial Info

Chelsea HouskaRemember a couple of months ago when Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska mysteriously tweeted, "And when you say you need me, know I need you more #AdoreYou"? and we were all -- ZOMG does Chelsea have a boyfriend?? Because we all want fabulous things for this groovy mama.

Well it looks like there may have been a boyfriend, but if Chelsea's tweets and Instagram from Thursday night are any indication, that relationship is dunzo before we even got a chance to meet the guy. Boooo!!


She posted a quote on Instagram lamenting her loss, or lack of loss as the case may be.

Who doesn't want to stay with Chelsea? Aside from Adam Lind, that is, and that guy clearly has issues. Or could that be who she's talking about? Is she finally letting Adam go? Argh! Chelsea, post some more, we must know more details about your love life!

One thing does seem certain though, and it's Chelsea's acceptance that Mystery Man just isn't that into her. She tweeted a picture of something she found while unpacking some boxes, and said it was a sign.

Ugh. Unrequited love or even just crushes are the worst. Nothing like putting yourself out there, taking an emotional chance, and having the other person not return the feeling. If Chelsea is moving on from someone that doesn't really want to be with her, then she's doing the right thing. Even if it sucks in the interim.

Do you think Chelsea is going through a breakup?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter


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