'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: TJ Sends a Front-Runner Home

the challenge free agents cohutta nanyWhen TJ Lavin announced at the beginning of The Challenge: Free Agents that the contestants were going to be playing solo, I expected the house to eliminate each other one by one.

But I never expected dear TJ to be doing the eliminating. This week, he cut one competitor loose before the challenge even started!


Before the team went off for this week's challenge, we got our initial glimpse into this season's 'it' couple: Nany and Cohutta. No, you read that correctly. Nany, the outspoken New Yorker, and Cohutta, the total Georgia country boy, got 'engaged.' Nany's beautiful proposal to her boo solidified their challenge courtship. Now let's all aww together!

But as romantic as the moment was, we quickly saw a much scarier reality. If you've noticed, the cast's sacrificial lamb, Frank, has been in both elimination rounds so far and survived. In the last one, where he sent Dustin packing, he was clearly sick and even said he was imagining the finish line as reaching his medication. Clearly, the dude was struggling.

So when he called his mom before the challenge and asked if he should go home because he wasn't feeling well, it seemed that he might wrap up his season. Instead, he decided to stay.

But TJ had other ideas.

When the cast gathered at the site for this week's challenge, "Bar Crawl," TJ quickly got to business and eliminated Frank because his viral infection was contagious for others. Just like that, he was gone. The same guy who had dominated in the past two eliminations, while he was sick, was dumped because of that same sickness. Sorry, dude. But might that be karms for your past couple seasons?

After the cast bid their goodbyes to the vet, they got to work. The four-person teams (and one three-person team of Jordan, Jonna, and Jasmine) had to reach a platform suspended above the water. Their only way of doing so was holding on to a moving wall and moving two bars to advance to the other end.

Jordan was the only to drop his bar, and CT's team failed to complete the challenge in the allotted time period. Finally Camila, Brandon, Jessica, and Johnny Bananas claimed victory and had to decide which guy and girl they'd send into the elimination round.

After deliberating among each other, they chose Johnny and Nia (and cited the almighty rookie rule) to compete. Completely unsurprising, and I can't wait for the moment when someone actually decides to send in the vets. Now that will make for an exciting challenge.

However, when the group went to the arena to see both eliminations and choose the other competitor, TJ dropped another bomb: since Frank was eliminated, if the three men who were in the draw didn't find the kill card, Johnny would be spared from the duel. But since they still had all four women to choose from, they didn't have the same luck.

And luck is exactly what it was. By some amazing feat of chance (and Jordan's master card-choosing skills), Johnny didn't have to compete. Nia, on the other hand, found out she'd be competing with Cara Maria.

Their game: they were joined by a rope, tied to their backs, and each had to reach a bell at opposite ends of the arena. After 80 minutes (not kidding, they actually lasted for an entire hour and 20 minutes), Cara Maria miraculously defeated Nia.

What a rocky week! TJ just threw us curve balls left and right, but there's definitely still more unexpected twists coming. Plus, there's a competition in little blow-up bubbles. Can't wait for that one!

Are you liking the Free Agents twist? And do you think Frank should have gone home?


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