Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell’s Twitter Tantrum Shows How Ungrateful They Are

Juan Pablo, Nikki FerrellTsk tsk! The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are awfully angry at the tabloids this week. I wonder if they realize that the reason they're famous is because of the very gossip rags and reels they disdain? Y'all signed up for reality TV, folks.

Anyway, both stars took to Twitter recently to slam various outlets for reporting lies about them. Well, Juan Pabs actually slammed them all by crediting OK! magazine's report that he didn't enjoy watching himself on TV.


Hmmm ... a quick skip over to Us Weekly reveals that an article was posted the same day as Nikki's tweet, on the subject of her career and JP's plans for her to become a model. Hard to know if it's a lie or not, since we can't see inside his head, but it does seem like the kind of thing the least popular Bachelor ever would want, huh?

So if Nikki says the tabloids are constantly making things up, what's the truth?

Are they really engaged and Juan Pablo's refusal to pop the question is all just a publicity stunt? Oh! I bet he's actually the most emotionally sensitive guy on the planet, right? He's constantly showering Nikki with declarations of his love and only refusing to do so publicly because he's shy. Hahahahaha! Juan Pablo! Shy! Totally just kidding there.

The thing is, tabloids are a big industry, and JP and Nikki are part of it now. They signed up to become minor celebrities, which means that there are going to be "sources" who say things to gossip sites. It's part of inviting the cameras into your life. If they didn't want entertainment writers to write about them, they never should have turned in their applications to appear on The Bachelor.

But I'm sure they were honestly just looking for real love. That's why everyone goes on that show, right?

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki have a reason to be upset over media reports about them?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Twitter

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