NeNe Leakes Drops a Bomb About Her Future on ‘RHOA’

Nene LeakesAfter a tough season followed by an explosive first installment of their reunion, there's been loads of speculation as to who, if anyone, is going to be leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Kenya Moore has demanded Porsha Williams be kicked to the curb. It's easy to see Kenya not coming back unless Porsha is gone. Drama, drama, drama. We do not envy Andy Cohen right now. Or ever, really.

Now another lady might be quitting! And it's not who you expect. Talking to Arsenio Hall, NeNe Leakes added her name to the list of ladies who might be bidding farewell to Housewife-land forever. NeNe, no! We know she had a tough season after her non-reality T.V. career stalled out. But idly threatening to leave the show that made her famous? That might not be the smartest idea Madame Leakes has had lately.


Arsenio and NeNe broke down the big fight that still has everyone talking after last Sunday's first installment of the reunion. NeNe had some choice words on the matter, but it was what she said when Arsenio asked if she planned on leaving the show that struck a chord. She didn't say yes, but she in no way said no. In fact, she said that while the money she gets is good ... it's not enough to cover this amount of drama!

NeNe is playing a dangerous game. If she's just being coy and doesn't really mean it, she should check herself. The last thing she would want to have happen is for Bravo to beat her to the punch and fire her before she gets a chance to quit. When NeNe leaves, it should be of her own volition. I don't think she's ready to go yet -- we need her there to help sort out (and create more of) the drama.

Do you think NeNe will come back for another season?


Image via The Arsenio Hall Show/YouTube

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