Chris Harrison Says Juan Pablo Is a 'Victim'

chris harrison bachelorIt's a thinly veiled secret that Chris Harrison hates Juan Pablo Galavis. And if you hate the word hate, then let's just say it's clear Chris has issues with the Bachelor even though he loves to spew some dislike and cover it up with a smile of semi-praise. Case in point: Harrison's latest ramblings on Juan Pablo.

Chris calls Juan Pablo a "victim" or really someone who plays victim and is the type of person who never thinks anything is his fault and has a woe is me kind of attitude. Yes. He said that.


Those are fighting words -- something JP knows how to dodge when it comes to Harrison. Still, I think all this disdain for Juan Pablo is starting to backfire for Chris. Maybe Chris should take to heart the saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything. Because he's digging a hole here, and he's making himself look bad. Jealous even. "Woe is me" -- whoa, Chris. I hope Juan Pablo isn't listening.

The Bachelor host is single now. And Chris hasn't shied away from mentioning that he would make a good Bachelor. He even mentioned that his ex-wife would be a good Bachelorette, but we know that would be a horror show. What makes this all even crazier is that Chris is the one calling Juan Pablo controlling. The man who wants to be the host on a TV dating show to introduce and guide his ex-wife to choosing a potential new husband is calling Juan Pablo controlling.

Let's review what else Chris is saying about JP:

We all know people like [Juan Pablo]. They’re victims ... He was one of those guys that you’ll never really understand the depths of him. Nobody could ever have the problems he has had. No matter what happened, he was the victim.

And also:

He’s a very controlling person, too, which is very interesting too. He always wanted to control the entire situation. And that probably was the biggest issue, because you can’t control [everything].

Chris also mentions that Juan Pablo wanted to control the alcohol consumption on the show as well. He said that Galavis told women on the show, "If you’re drunk and you’re sloppy, you’re out. So don’t drink." The women listened. This doesn't show misuse of control, instead it shows how serious JP was about finding love -- not lust after too many drinks. He wanted the women to be serious because I really think he was as well.

And while Chris is busy saying what he thought Juan Pablo should or shouldn't do, he does toot his own horn and say how he thinks it "would be great TV" if he was to quit hosting for a season and be The Bachelor. Oh, Chris.

What do you think of what Chris is saying about Juan Pablo? Do you think these two hate each other?


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