Nathan Griffith's Behavior Toward Jenelle Evans Leaves Fans Disgusted

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Did you happen to catch the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew last night? Man ... it certainly delivered more than its fair share of Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska drama -- though that's kind of what makes the show worth tuning in for in the first place.

And while fans are bound to have mixed reactions to what Jenelle and Chelsea and the men in their lives had to say -- you aren't going to believe what Jenelle is being made fun of for on Twitter today based on what went down on the show.

Check out this tweet she posted -- it's gotta be about the most petty complaint she's ever received.



People are giving her a hard time because her boyfriend got a little touchy-feely with her on stage? Um, I'm sorry, but I don't see anything remotely annoying about someone's significant other touching their freakin' hair ... do you?

It's not like Nathan was groping her or anything, so what's the big deal?

I know plenty of fans still have a bone to pick with Jenelle, but for crying out loud -- can't we draw the line at criticizing her for ridiculous things?

Good grief. No matter how hard she tries to have a normal life, Jenelle simply just can't win.

Do you think it's obnoxious that Nathan touched Jenelle's hair?!?


Image via MTV

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