'True Tori' Premiere Recap: Tori & Dean Have More Problems Than Cheating

Tori SpellingTonight's premiere episode of True Tori, the new reality series documenting the storms of Tori Spelling's marriage in the wake of her husband Dean McDermott cheating on her, opens with Dean in rehab. That's where Dean was sent packing the night after he finally admitted -- after several sleazy attempts to lie about the situation -- that he had cheated on Tori in a two-day romp with a woman he picked up in Toronto. He is still there as the show opens and Tori struggles to deal alone with their four young children.


Tori found out about the affair in a more horrific way than most people have to -- her publicist called her to say that the woman was putting her name to the story and US Weekly would be publishing it. Dean is finally left with no choice but to fess up to what he's done. Tori feels her world instantly collapse.

Despite Tori being the daughter of one of the most successful producers in Hollywood history, it soon becomes clear that she's no spoiled princess. She seems to struggle just as much as any mom would with four kids -- there's no nanny in sight. Is it all for the show? Hard to say, given Tori's admitted financial difficulties. Also, Tori never once calls her mother or brother with her heartache. You really get the sense that Dean is her everything, which explains why she seems so utterly inconsolable despite the fact that Dean's "affair" was really just a two-day hook-up with some woman he would never see again. NOT that I'm saying that's nothing -- certainly it's devastating -- but we're not talking a real "affair" here.

Tori finally goes to see Dean in rehab -- the first time the two have spoken since he admitted the truth. It quickly becomes clear that the couple have had issues for a long time. Tori mentions that a couple of months into the relationship, she felt "bamboozled" by Dean. He admits he was a heavy drinker and also a chronic liar. "Lying is how I got out of things for years," he says.

But Tori doesn't seem impressed by this display of transparency. "This all sounds very familiar," she says, practically rolling her eyes. And that's the first clue that there is a lot more going on here than a two-day sex binge. Tori admits she has been "disappointed over and over" by Dean. What exactly he's done isn't clear -- could he have cheated before?

Dean seems sincere in his efforts to work on himself and save his marriage. But that's the thing about chronic liars. They DO seem sincere at the time, don't they?

Tori isn't quite so sure what is going to happen. She loves Dean but rightly wants to concentrate on herself and discover what SHE needs. She feels she can't do that if Dean moves home and begins sweet-talking her (smart move, Tori).

I'm not sure why the couple agreed to have all of this raw emotion on camera, but it's pretty fascinating, and I think it could help some couples. Perhaps Tori's pain overrode her good judgment on filming a show -- but the show has exactly what Lindsay Lohan's show lacked. Complete honesty, transparency, and gut-wrenching emotions.

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