'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: The Duggars Know How to Party

Josiah DuggarJosiah Duggar, the practical joker with a never-ending stash of candy, is now a high school graduate! He’s the eighth Duggar to earn his diploma, but you wouldn’t know it by the size of the celebration in his honor on 19 Kids & Counting. Yes, it was a DIY party ... and it was impressive.

More than 400 people gathered to celebrate Josiah’s achievement. I still can’t get over how organized the Duggars are and how willing the kids are to help out (no eye-rolls, no attitudes, no push back). Basically, I feel like a failure as a parent watching them every week. My teenager expertly avoided unloading the dishwasher today. My toddler told me I was a “meanie” before he stormed off to bed tonight. Anyway ...


Josiah’s parents and siblings took turns at the microphone with a mix of heartwarming tributes and good-humored roasts at the party. It seemed more intimate than it was just because there was so much love in the room. Jessa’s courtship partner, Ben, was there for some quality side-hugs. Jill’s love interest, Derek, was represented by his mom and stepdad. This season has been all about love and courtship and Jessa didn’t miss an opportunity to remind everyone that Josiah is single.

After the party, the Duggars set off on another road trip to Washington, D.C., to visit Josh and Anna for the holidays. Anna had visions of preparing a feast to remember. She tried to take some shortcuts -- instant mashed potatoes, pre-cooked turkey -- but her grocery run didn’t go according to plan. She had to take on more than she bargained for and asked Josh to step it up too. She gave him a sizeable honey-do project (clear out a spare bedroom, paint it, and assemble bunk beds) the day before his parents’ arrival.

Anna and Josh were making good progress, but a surprise phone call from Jim Bob sent them into overdrive. Due to a storm, the Duggars were going to get there a day early. In five hours, to be exact. OMG. I would have spelled out swear after swear if I got that news in front of my kids. She managed to get the turkey and casseroles in the oven in time to serve the family, but she couldn’t avoid a cooking catastrophe. Something burned, set off the fire alarm, and filled the house with smoke exactly when the doorbell rang.

Do you think Anna will pull off her holiday dinner or will they be ordering pizza next week?

Image via DuggarsBlog

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