Jenelle Evans' Ex Gary Head Had a Man Die in His Arms After Alleged Shoot Out

Gary HeadSo it's been a while since we've heard from Jenelle Evans' ex-fiance Gary Head. I mean other than Jenelle's mom recently saying that she preferred him to her current boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, but that doesn't exactly count.

Anyway, the Teen Mom 2's interim bad boy (he pleaded guilty to assaulting Jenelle, remember?) tweeted in the wee hours of Monday night that he almost died in a shooting in North Carolina. He was apparently in a dispute over some sort of robbery when a guy parked one space over from him was shot and killed.


No word on whether Gary knew the shooter or the man that lost his life, but I would assume so given his reference to "a good man." He also tweeted that it could have been him, so it's very possible that he was somehow peripherally involved, but it's all just speculation, so who knows?

"I just wanna get home. Hold my mother & tell her how much I love her. I was a parking space over from the shooter. Could of been me," he tweeted, and added, "A hot shower to wash this blood off me would be awesome right now."

Ugh, I can't even imagine how scary that must have been, but Gary seems to have handled it like a pro. He responded to a follower asking if he were OK with, "Death & gunshots are nothing new to me."

I really hope Gary's been staying out of trouble since the MTV cameras left his life, and if not, maybe this will be a wake up call. Keep your nose clean, kid, and try not to get shot at.

Have you ever witnessed a death?


Image via Gary Head/Twitter

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