'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona & Aviva Take Crazy to Another Level

aviva drescherSo far on this season of The Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer has kept a fairly low-profile. Mainly, because she was in Africa for a few episodes, but still -- when we did see her, she seemed ... subdued. Not anymore! The old Turle Time-loving Ramona is back! And she and Aviva Drescher are neck-and-neck for nuttiest Housewife on the block.

Okay, let's get real here: At this point, Aviva is the un-dethronable Queen of Crazy Town, USA.


Okay, first let's discuss Ramona. What the hell was up with her? It was confrontation after confrontation with her. First, she goes old school nutty Ramona on Kristen for bringing up the fact that she bailed on Heather's party after RSVPing; and then she insults her "best friend," Sonja for her crappy burlesque show, and the fact that she's trying to do too many things. Talk about rude! Here, poor Sonja and all her interns are, trying to make ends meet, and Ramona's trying to cut her down. Nice friend.

But then there was Aviva. Oh, Aviva. No one does crazy quite like you this season. First, she tells Kristen -- out of nowhere! -- to "shut the fuck up" in front of their kids at a children's function, and then she has the world's strangest interaction with Carole.

In an effort to burying the hatchet, Aviva tried to have a tete-a-tete with Carole at a Fourth of July barbecue. And, as one may suspect, it went horribly. Things maybe could have gone alright, but when, out of the blue, Aviva produced an advanced, for-press-only copy of Carole's latest book, and started "gushing" over it in the most angry and insincere of ways possible, all bets were off. It was cringe-worthy; it was uncomfy; and it was classic Aviva.

There is absolutely no way on earth Aviva and Carole will ever be cool with one and other after Tuesday's episode. What Aviva did was sneaky, manipulative, and like Carole said, just plain weird. Gross.

What did you think when Aviva busted out Carole's book?


Image via Bravo

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