'Glee' Recap: Sue Sylvester Finds Love in a Hopeless Place

Glee Opening NightGlee has had its fair share of strange story lines over the years. Remember the trippy "unaired" Christmas special? Enough said. But throwing a Sue Sylvester love angle slam bang into the middle of Rachel Berry's opening night on Broadway took Gleeks to a whole new level of weird.

And by weird, we're talking about Sue Sylvester having sex in Kurt and Rachel's apartment. With a man. Who she just met.

Gross? A little, but if anything, tonight we met a new sadder side of Sue Sylvester.

So who's the lucky guy to introduce us to the new Sue?


Chris Parnell, aka Mario, aka a restaurateur who got tickets to Funny Girl only to walk out in the first act, at just about the same time Sue climbed over a New York Times critic to make her own escape. The two bonded over their mutual disdain for Rachel's singing, and McKinley's previously asexual principal landed herself a dinner date at Mario's restaurant, with the owner himself cooking up the eats.

It's not so much that Sue falling in love was strange -- although, let's be honest, this is the woman who once married herself because no other human being on earth would do it for her -- as the storyline came out of left field. The episode was dubbed Opening Night and supposed to be focused on Rachel Berry's debut as Fanny Brice. The principal characters all gathered in New York -- even Santana was there, and Mr. Schue showed up (only to have to hightail it back to Lima for the birth of his child -- a boy, Daniel Finn) -- to pat Rachel on the back and support her.

Then there's Sue ... who has no interest in supporting Rachel or Funny Girl or really anything other than making us laugh. Granted, Sue's comic relief is always welcome on Glee, and her comparison between the smell of New York City and an adult diaper, well, have you ever been in certain subway stations?

But what was it doing in this episode? Why did they haul Sue in, make her all human-like and sappy, only to ship her back to Lima because, as it turns out, you can take the girl out of Ohio but only temporary?

Maybe to remind us that while the kids from Lima take on the world, the people who helped shape them are still back home, still keeping keeping on?

It was hard not to feel sad for Sue. She gets to New York with her sarcastic wit in tow, only to find out she's not as untouchable as she acts. Turns out Sue Sylvester is a regular old human being who falls in love and has her heart broken ... and Rachel Berry is a superwoman!

What did you make of the Sue love story? Did she make you laugh or make you cry?


Image via Tyler Golden/FOX

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