'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Recap: Chelsea & Adam Are NOT Over Each Other

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On tonight's second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Chelsea Houska was praised for many things. She's a good parent to little Aubree, she completed school, she's more independent, and she's the only mom from her season who has not gone on to have a second child.

She is, however, clearly not 100 percent over her ex because, as we found out, the duo has recently hooked up yet again.


During her interview with Dr. Drew, Chelsea admitted that she and Adam hooked up a few months ago. And to make it even worse, it was when his girlfriend, Taylor, was already pregnant with baby Paislee. Remember when Adam also cheated on Chelsea when she was pregnant? Deja vu here!

The couple also talked about how Adam still hasn't given Chelsea his phone number, but he finally revealed the real reason: he doesn't want to be tempted to text her when he and Taylor are fighting. Not exactly reason enough not to be able to communicate with the mother of his child, but whatever works for Adam.

When Chelsea's dad, Randy, took the stage with the parents, Adam also berated Randy for his Twitter comments and tried to redeem himself. "I'm doing really great," he said. "Why can't we talk about any of that?" Granted, he seems to be doing well on his probation and is stepping up with both Aubree and Paislee, but calling out the mother of his child for cheating on him while she was pregnant was definitely not a smooth move. That's right. Chelsea cheated on Adam when she was pregnant with Aubree (in case these two didn't have enough infidelity drama) and has supposedly scarred Adam for life.

Let's hope he recovers and that they both learn to respect each other. If only as Aubree's parents.

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Jenelle Evans, who was the last of the teen moms to enter the hot seat, showed us just how much her life has changed. She's sober, not smoking, and is taking care of herself while pregnant with her second baby.

She even admitted that this pregnancy with Nathan is the "real deal." And props to Dr. Drew for pointing out that Jace was also very much the real deal. But as Jenelle said, she's more serious this time around, which is definitely a great change to see. In even more good news, her probation for her latest domestic disturbance arrest wasn't violated, so she is staying out of jail.

When Nathan joined Jenelle on stage, they discussed how neither of them has custody of their first children. Not shockingly, neither will probably receive custody of their respective children, but they are optimistic and seemingly ready to have another. And they do plan on getting married at some point. "But she has to get divorced first," said Nathan. Ay ay ay, isn't that the truth?

But the highlight of the episode, and the queen of the season, was Barbara. The woman is now single (but don't put her on that dating app, guys!) and is beyond happy to be rid of Mike. She admitted she's very proud of Jenelle and how much she has done in the past year but definitely didn't hold back her opinions on the pregnancy. At least we can count on Babs to always give it to us straight.

"I know she's 22 and she's always felt bad that I have custody of Jace, but that's no reason to have a child," Barbara said. "I wish she would have waited."

Well if that just doesn't summarize pretty much everyone's thoughts on the entire situation, I don't know what else does. A year ago, she was in and out of jail, using hard drugs, and surrounding herself with the wrong people. Waiting is exactly what she should have done, but it's at least encouraging to see that she is aware of her actions and understands her decisions.

What did you think of the episode? Are Adam and Chelsea really "done," and do you agree with Barbara's thoughts on the pregnancy?


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