Juan Pablo & Nikki's Latest Move Makes Them Look Seriously in Love

nikki ferrell juan pabloJuan Pablo Galavis may love poking fun and outright bashing the media for getting his story wrong, so it's good he's been telling us how he feels in his own way. The former Bachelor took to Twitter late last week to express where his heart really is when it comes to Nikki Ferrell. Only the next day, she too made a public declaration ...

Check out their telling tweets:


Could these two be any more over-the-moon for one another? (Or at least that's what they'd have us believe, as skeptics who think the pair are just putting on a "showmance" would say!)

Granted, they could be talking about something completely other than one another. Still, given the timing of the tweets, the fact that judging from Instagram, it looked like they had a date night around the same time, and the vibe we're picking up from the reality show couple, I'd venture to guess these are love notes through and through!

If that's the case, well, good for them! We can't exactly hate on anyone for feeling so "FREAKING lucky," now can we?

Would you guess JPG and Nikki's tweets are about one another?


Image via ABC

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