Devastated Juan Pablo Responds to His Latest Attack (PHOTO)

Note to ABC: Juan Pablo gets that you dislike him. And, by now, I'm betting he's probably totally okay knowing that you think he's a bit of a jerk, so maybe stop rubbing it in his face?

Oh, if it were that simple, but no -- the uber-popular and yet most unpopular Bachelor of all time recently revealed that the network's latest promotional poster for The Bachelorette has left him feeling "embarrassed" and "used." And it's easy to see why.


Lots of us love to hate Juan, and it seems the TV network is cashing in on that by carrying Juan-mania over to its new season of The Bachelorette, which stars the gorgeous Andi Dorfman. She became a legend after dumping the former soccer player. The clever advertisement features a beaming Andi plucking the petals from a red rose alongside the caption, "She's looking for the right Juan one."

Check it out:

The appeal of this caption is obvious: after all, Andi is as popular as she is because of her connection to Juan and the way she ruthlessly (and awesomely) rejected him. It's funny. Juan is probably being a little too sensitive, especially considering the fact that way worse things have been said about him.

At the same time, I get why Juan would be annoyed. His stint as The Bachelor is over. He wants to move on. But the show doesn't seem too keen on letting him do so, AND its publicity department continues to use his name to drum up interest in The Bachelorette. Juan didn't sign up for that. Enough is enough -- leave Juan alone and move on.

What do you think of the promo poster? Do you feel Juan has the right to be upset?


Images via Instagram, Twitter

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