Jenelle Evans Betrays Fans in a Way They Never Saw Coming (PHOTOS)

jenelle evansSomehow those Teen Mom stars are still able to shock us at times. If you are a fan of Jenelle Evans, you have pretty much seen her do everything over the years -- have a baby, fight with her mom, brawl with other girls, go to jail, break up, make up, and the list goes on and on. Though her latest move is a new one -- and something her fans definitely won't like.


She has made her Instagram account private. It's certainly a surprising move for the reality TV star. After years of sharing every single aspect of her life via MTV cameras or selfies, she has shut down access.

You have to wonder why? What's with the sudden interest in keeping images of herself away from her adoring public? She is betraying the very people that are keeping her relevant. Sharing all that personal information is the only reason she's famous. Seems totally out of character for the young woman who not long ago posted a pic of her bare baby bump while soaking in a bathtub.

Though we have the suspicion this change is only temporary. The reason? Her Twitter account is still wide open for anyone interested. She sent these tweets not long ago:

And ...

So much for keeping her private life private.

Why do you think Jenelle closed off access to her Instagram?


Image via Twitter

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