Leah Calvert Takes a Huge Step That Could Make or Break Her Future

Leah Calvert

Well? It looks like somebody might have a shiny pink Cadillac in her driveway someday. Leah Calvert just became a Mary Kay consultant -- and she's pretty pumped about it, to say the least.

She announced her new venture via Twitter by saying, "Do you have a Mary Kay consultant or lost touch with a prior one? I am now a consultant and would love to have an amazing MK party w/ you."

OMG. She's planning on doing home parties instead of simply dropping off catalogs in people's mailboxes?

I wonder if she has any clue what she's getting herself into.


Sure ... the home party biz is fun the first few times you host one, and it can be kind of addicting if you make big sales, but let's be honest -- it's a major time suck and pretty much ruins your social life.

And yes ... I do know this for a fact. A few years ago, I ventured into the world of home parties as a BeautiControl consultant, which is pretty similar to Mary Kay in terms of skin care and makeup products. On the one hand, it was a great experience because it got me used to speaking in front of people and also helped me get back into the working world again. But on the flip side of the coin, it was tiring, expensive, and then there was the part where all of my friends constantly felt obligated to buy stuff from me, which really sucked.

(Oh, and don't even get me started on tax season. #Disaster)

Of course, I am not a reality TV star, so there's the chance that Leah's Mary Kay biz could totally blow up overnight to the point where she won't even have to do parties all that often to make a generous income. I mean, can't you see girls wanting to join her team like crazy? And that's how you really make money with these kinds of businesses -- by recruiting and getting other people to sell and recruit under you. (They're all MLMs even if they insist they're not.)

If Leah can build herself a decent team in a fairly short amount of time, she may start seeing some pretty fat checks come her way. That should more than make up for whatever income she'll lose once Teen Mom 2 has run its course. But if things aren't rocking and rolling for her in a few months? I hope she has a decent amount of closet space for the countless boxes of lipstick and eye shadow she'll likely have in her inventory. Considering most beauty products only have a two-year shelf life, she could potentially wind up throwing a lot of cash right into the garbage.

Have you ever done a home party business?


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