Nikki Ferrell Makes It Extremely Clear She Wants a Baby With Juan Pablo (VIDEO)

Nikki ferrell pregnantIt's not exactly breaking news that Nikki Ferrell is ob-SESSED with former Bachelor Juan Pablo. It seems like every other day, there's a new story proving just how head over heels she is for the guy. Which is cute, to an extent. But now it's just been taken a little bit too far.

Especially recently. We already know she has a serious case of baby fever -- and her latest video proves how ready she is to get pregnant. Look out, Juan Pablo. She clearly means business.


Check it out:

Now, I am fully aware that she is swaddling a dog and not a baby. Those two things should not be confused. However, Nikki is becoming pretty media savvy these days. She KNOWS what she's doing by sharing a video like this on the Internet. It's getting people talking about her ... and Juan Pablo ... and babies. And here we are doing just that!

Bottom line is, Juan Pablo better give Nikki something new to swaddle soon -- it seems like her ovaries are about to explode.

Do you think this is Nikki's way of showing she wants a baby?

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