‘True Blood’ Final Season Trailer Promises Lots of Bloodshed to Come (VIDEO)

true blood season 7

Devoted fans of the show are certainly going to miss it, but I think the rest of us can agree that True Blood has run its course. With new, amazing shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective to focus on, HBO has made what was probably a very difficult decision by making season 7 the very last for True Blood. Fans who have tuned in since season 1 (raises hand) are hoping that the show will go out with a bang.

Now that a new season 7 trailer has been released, it seems like all hell has broken loose and everyone's losing their damn minds. Quite a fitting end, and it's easy to suspect that we'll lose a few fan favorites on the way. No matter what happens or how it ends, Truebies will tune in until the very last episode. The premiere should air some time in June, meaning we've got all summer to get our very last fill of Sookie, Eric, and Bill!

Some spoilers ahead if you have yet to see season 6!


At the end of the sixth season finale, Bill loses his powers that he absorbed from Lilith. Warlow turns crazy violent and holds Sookie captive. Everyone of course goes on a quest to save Sookie, and once Jason puts a stake through Warlow's heart, the vampires' ability to walk around in the daylight goes with him. We got that memorable full-frontal shot of Eric, even though in the very next second, he seemingly burns to death.

Then six months later, Bill has published a book, Sam's the mayor, and Sookie and Alcide are a couple. But the Hepatitis-V virus has been spreading and infecting vampires, essentially turning them into zombie-vampires (why not?). So Sam and Bill come up with the idea that each person pair up with a healthy vampire in order to protect themselves. While everyone in town has gathered to pair off, a horde of psychotic-looking vampires descends upon the group, ready to attack.

Hence, the apocalyptic-feel of the newest trailer:

Crazy, right? Looks like chaos reigns in Bon Temps, and hopefully the last season will bring back some of the magic that has been woefully lacking in the last few. And of course the one question that is on every True Blood's fan's mind as well: Who will Sookie finally end up with in the series finale?! (It's not going to be Alcide, is it?)

Are you excited about season 7 of True Blood?


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