Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

If you feel like you know Lindsay Lohan better than you know your BFF or first born or even yourself at this point, you're not alone. The actress has bared so much of her naked soul in recent weeks and months -- whether we want to see it or not -- that, well, I don't know about you, but it's starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

Lindsay's latest revelation is really too much, though. While practically in tears, she told the world on last night's two-hour finale of the reality show Lindsay that she once had a miscarriage. The 27-year-old didn't go into too much detail about it, but she said enough to make it known that the sad experience took place while she was on a two-week break from filming her show. It apparently caused much strife among the show's producers because it reportedly held up production.


Not that she owes us one -- but Lindsay offered no other explanation after dropping this bombshell other than to say she was "sick," that it "mentally" messed with her, and that it is a "very long story."

In general, I think it's a positive thing when women feel they can talk about their miscarriages. There's obviously no shame associated with it, and sharing stories can help other women who have suffered in the same way. But Lindsay's case is different. She seems broken -- at all times. I don't get the sense that she has ever sought help for her problems, which is why it's sad and depressing to watch her treat members of the media as her personal therapists.

It seems like Lindsay feels she has demons in her past and skeletons in her closet (take her now-notorious sex list, for example) and that maybe the only way she thinks she's going to get closure is by coming clean to us. But her overly honest and super-private announcements just make me feel like giving her a huge hug and begging her to step out of the spotlight until she gets her life together and gains emotional strength.

And then, I hope she'll make a triumphant return to Hollywood as the talented actress that she is -- and not as a disposable reality show queen.

What do you think of Lindsay's latest revelation that she had a miscarriage?


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