'Mad Men' Recap: Don Decides to Tell the Truth at Exactly the Right Time

don draper season 7 premiereWhen we last saw Sally Draper, it was the season 6 finale, and she was staring at her father's childhood home, which was also a whorehouse. She glimpsed up at Don with a look of understanding, and even though she was traumatized by catching him with his pants down, it seemed like maybe she had forgiven him just then. Or was at least on her way to forgiving him. But when we caught up with her again tonight, in the second episode of season 7 entitled, "A Day's Work," she's still pretty bitter about her pops. Even more so when, after losing her purse in the city after shopping in the Village with girlfriends following her roommate's mother's funeral on the Upper East Side, she wanders into SC&P to discover her father's office is being occupied by Lou Avery.

Yep, just as Sally's learned that Don's out of work, we discovered that he has yet to tell, well, anyone about his leave.


He's ashamed that he spends his days in front of the tube, eating Ritz crackers, and sometimes looking at ads in magazines. He's also been getting covert updates on SC&P office on-goings from the ever-faithful Dawn ... whose loyalties to Don end up costing her her desk in front of Lou's office.

But it's not really Dawn who Lou has a problem with. It's so obvious, after his encounter with a confused Sally, that he's fed up feeling overshadowed by his predecessor. Oh well. Maybe if he wasn't such a jerk, his colleagues wouldn't be catering to SC&P's "collective ex-wife who still gets alimony payments" as Cutler snarkily refers to Don in a meeting.

Thankfully, despite Lou's sexist, racist treatment of Dawn, she ends up in Joan's office, and Joan appears to be moving upstairs and into the position of account "man." It's about time. We knew Avon was just the start of something much bigger for the first female partner of SC&P!

Unfortunately, at the same time, Peggy suffers a cringe-worthy misunderstanding with her secretary Shirley, whose gorgeous long-stem roses sent from her fiance Peggy mistakes as her own ... from Ted. Eek. When Shirley sets her straight, she's terribly embarrassed and completely mistreats her. And it's another reminder that Peggy really seems to be struggling with a) getting over Ted and b) striking that elusive balance of success in both business and personal matters.

The best moment of the evening, though, had to be when Don opened up to Sally about what happened with SC&P, answering all her questions as honestly as necessary over dinner and a soda during a pit stop on her way back to boarding school. His reward? A warm and fuzzy "happy Valentine's Day" and "I love you" from his little girl. Telling the truth about who he is at an inopportune time may have cost him his job, but telling the truth at the perfect time appears to be setting certain screw-ups right.

What was your favorite moment of the episode? What do you see happening with Don's return to SC&P ... or to another company?


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