Corey Simm's Wife Has a Message for Leah Messer About That Cheating Gossip

Miranda Patterson, Corey SimmsLeah Messer Calvert sure stuck her nose in it on the Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew. The reality star threw down that her ex-husband Corey Simms was sending her inappropriate text messages the week before he married Miranda Patterson, and that he cheated on her when they first got together.

While Miranda didn't directly respond to the allegations, she did take to Twitter to say, "Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.” Come on, who else could she possibly be passive-aggressively tweeting at other than Leah?


What's really interesting about this, if it really is directed at Leah (again, how could it not be?), is the fact that she doesn't deny the validity of the claims. She seems to be throwing out the old glass house argument and warning Leah not to throw any rocks. Or something about a speck and plank.

The other interesting thing about this is that it sounds like Leah has some shady secrets of her own! I mean, we all know she cheated on Corey waaaaay back in the early days (before they got married), but could Miranda know something more?

Or is she talking about Leah's current husband Jeremy Calvert? What if the tweet meant, "You better be careful, Leah, when making allegations about cheating husbands. Maybe you should go check the barn door."

Or maybe she was just tweeting about the importance of hand washing in every situation, including finger-pointing. It is a germy world out there, you know.

Do you think Miranda was Tweeting at Leah?


Image via Miranda Patterson/Twitter


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