Jenelle Evans Spills More Details About Wedding

jenelle evans Jenelle Evans has been so busy lately that I'm tired just thinking about all that's going on in her life. She's seven months pregnant with baby Kaiser (Jace is going to have a little brother!) and she just finished her first semester of medical assisting where she got straight As. Her new classes are starting this week. And even though the baby in her belly's daddy is serving jail time (DUI charges and then driving with suspended license issue), she's keeping that love alive with the romantic letters Nathan Griffith is writing to her while he's in the slammer.

Baby on the way. Acing it at school. In love. Aside from the jail hiccup, things are going really well for Jenelle. While she's waiting for her divorce to be final from Courtland Rogers, she's been busy planning her wedding to Nathan, who technically hasn't proposed yet. This all makes sense, I promise.


All we need to focus on is if things are happy and safe and good for Jenelle and Jace. How and why and the when of things are sort of unimportant. Life is funny that way. Weird things sometimes happen. There are bumpy roads we must travel with twists and turns ... and you get what I'm saying. So what if Jenelle's life sounds like a soap opera. All that matters is if she's in a good place. And she seems to be.

We already know that once Nathan does propose to Jenelle (he's just waiting for the right time and since he's in jail, now isn't the right time) and once they say their I dos, they want their first wedding dance to be to Justin Timberlake's Mirrors. Love!

Her latest big reveal about the big day is that it's going to be beachy and different and cool. Jenelle told Wetpaint:

We want to do a beach wedding down near Myrtle Beach, and we just want it to be very classy and trendy. We want a unique idea, so whatever we pick, we’ll do something very unique that no one’s ever seen before.

Awww. Aren't you something, Jenelle. An original! Just like that JT song.

I predict a late summer wedding. These two say they aren't in a rush, but I think they are just too excited to wait. Nathan will be out of jail just in time for baby to be born -- we hope. And then wedding bells may be ringing.

What's your prediction for Jenelle's wedding?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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