'RHOA' Porsha Williams' Mugshot Deserves a Frame (PHOTO)

Porshaw williams mugshotHave you seen Porsha Williams' mugshot?! The Real Housewife looks crazy hot, and I think it tells us everything we need to know about her battle with Kenya Moore. Porsha has been bullied and goaded by Kenya. She can afford to take the time to look glam in her mugshot and turn herself into the cops gracefully because she knows she's done no wrong. Yay, Team Porsha! 

Boo, Team Twirl! Boo, I say! I am officially over Kenya, her fake boyfriend, and her fake plans to conceive. I can say all this and I haven't even SEEN the highly publicized beat-down that led to Porsha Williams' arrest yet! You guys might be excited for Easter, but I'm looking forward to Sunday for another reason: The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion begins! Ahhhh!


This is where it all goes down. Soon we'll get to see the brawl that ended with Porsha being charged with simple assault. I can't believe Porsha of all people could really spend time in jail for allegedly "attacking" Kenya. If wanting to hit Kenya is a crime, then Phaedra Parks would be doing life in prison. Preach.  

Porsha williams mugshot

In case it wasn't clear, I've got to say that already I feel like Porsha was wrongly accused. This is just typical Kenya to overreact to the hilt and create more drama that makes her look like a victim. Remember the pillow talk party? It all fell apart because of her! It's no wonder that even when her dog Velvet died, rumors flew that she faked the poor pup's death to earn sympathy. She certainly seems capable of doing that! 

Porsha's calm demeanor in her mugshot has me sure that she knows she'll be vindicated. She doesn't look nervous or embarrassed in the least. In my opinion, she shouldn't. It was inevitable that Kenya was going to eventually drive someone to this -- I'm just surprised it hasn't happened sooner!

Do you think Porsha deserves jail time? Are you going to watch the reunion this Sunday?


Image via Twitter/Fulton County Sheriff's Office

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