Nathan Griffith Is Still Turning Jenelle Evans On ... Even From Prison


Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

If you've been at all curious as to how she's coping while Nathan Griffith is serving his jail time, then you'll be happy to hear that Jenelle Evans is receiving letters from Nathan from prison, which is making things a whole lot easier on her.

Yes ... I said letters! As in the dude actually picked up a pen and paper and poured his heart out to his baby mama, which is SO much more romantic than a phone call, text message, or whatever. And based on what Jenelle has to say about the letters -- she's more than a little stoked about getting them in the mail.


Uhhhh ... is it me or does she sound a little turned on? I know her hormones are probably raging and all since she's preggo, but it definitely seems like Jenelle is all hot over the idea of reading love notes from Nathan -- not that anyone can blame her.

Any sort of handwritten anything is pretty rare these days, so who wouldn't get a little worked up over the thought of reading something so heartfelt and personal? Ok, ok, so I know Nathan has more than enough spare time on his hands right now to channel his thoughts on paper, but still -- I think it's sweet that he's making the extra effort to let Jenelle know he misses her and is thinking about her while they're apart. (Take note, boys -- girls like hearing that stuff.)

Luckily Jenelle doesn't have too much longer to go until Nathan is back home where he belongs. But at least she's keeping a positive attitude and making the best of things in the interim. I'm sure she'll be more than ready to (ahem) make up for lost time as soon as Nathan gets out of the big house.

Do you think it's sweet that Nathan is writing Jenelle letters?


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