'Scandal' Season Finale Recap: 7 'OMG' Cliffhangers We're Still Gasping Over

olivia fitz jakeFrom total nightmare to dreams come true in the blink of an eye ... or is that really how tonight's Scandal season 3 finale played out? Well, for some, it sure did ... like Papa Pope. Yep, no matter that B-613 was quashed by Pope & Associates ... Command seems to have come out on top once again. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Like every episode Shonda's delivered, the finale was a twisting, turning, nonstop roller coaster of crazy and shocking, sad and disturbing, tearjerking and romantic. Let's count down the top 7 "OMG" cliffhangers that we just know are going to leave us on the edge of our seats all summer ...

(Obviously, don't read on if you don't want to know what went down tonight!)


7. What's Sally's next move? Now that she's lost the election, and Andrew's VP, can she please disappear? Even with all the other wild and crazy going on, the threat of her coming even close to stepping in as Commander-in-Chief again is too much to bear.

6. Do Huckleberry Quinn stand a chance now that he's reunited with his fiancee and son, or will he reclaim his old life? In one of the most heartwrenching moments of the night, Quinn brought Huck to his family who he lost so long ago when he first became B-613. She did it out of love (yes, apparently, they're about more than pantyhose-ripping sex), but his reaction is shock and horror, believing that his long-lost sweetheart and child are better off believing he's dead. That is until he changed his mind and showed up on their doorstep ...

5. Is Papa Pope really going to get away with everything he just pulled?! Just when we thought Eli was a man reformed -- from hugging Olivia close to his chest in the hospital bed to staring Fitz in the face and promising him that he'd avenge Jerry's death by delivering Maya's head on a platter -- the final twist delivered a blow we shoulda known ALL along. Of course, Papa Pope was actually the one behind Jerry's horrific, tragic, heartbreaking murder by bacterial meningitis ... He promised Olivia that Fitz would win the election after all, while she was convinced that Sally had it in the bag. He promised he wouldn't touch a hair on Fitz's head. So he went after Jerry to get both of those things -- for Olivia, he says. And because, as he confessed to Harrison, Fitz took his child, so he took his. Sick, sick, twisted, and sick. And now, because Fitz thinks Eli saved the day, he reinstated him as Command, and B-613 is back online. Insane.

4. Why did Papa Pope let Maya live?! What does he have up his sleeve? Why is she in the hole in the ground at B-613? Is he gonna groom her to be B-613's next agent? Oy.

3. Will Harrison live or die? Since he knows everything Papa Pope pulled, we last saw him staring down the barrel of a gun. Agh. Please, Shonda, you already took James. Don't take Harrison!

2. Will Fitz and Mellie be able to move past everything he knows now? While so much evil is still lurking in the shadows, one major truth has finally come out: Olivia spilled to Fitz that Big Jerry raped Mellie. Now he sees how blind he had been for years. How he didn't truly know everything he thought he did about his wife and their relationship woes. Now, from the looks of it, their troubled marriage may already be on the mend ... Then again, the last thing we heard out of the newly re-elected POTUS's mouth was, "Where's Olivia?"

1. Is Olivia gone for good? Well, come on, we kinda know the answer to that. She's not. She can't be. What's Scandal without Olivia Pope?! Granted, having her voluntarily get on a plane in an attempt to "handle" herself (who she sees as the problem, the eye of the storm, the common denominator in all of the horrors that just went down) may be a way to give Kerry Washington extended maternity leave ...? (But it seems with her due date swiftly approaching, she'll be able to take a few months off and still be back on Scandal's set when they start season 4, which we should note has yet to be officially renewed, but come on, it HAS to be.) At any rate, this has to be the biggest OMG in the history of Scandal OMGs. Olivia quit OPA and took up Papa Pope's offer of a "new life." Not only that, but she jetted off to get her reboot on ... WITH JAKE! Jake wants to try to "stand in the sun together" with her, even though she openly admitted she's still in love with Fitz! Still, when her cellphone buzzed, with the call coming from the White House, she hit "ignore." But let's be real: Eventually, she's going to answer the call ... or calling.

What was the craziest moment or biggest cliffhanger of the night to you? Predictions for season 4?


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