Juan Pablo Caught Drooling Over Hot Woman From His Past (PHOTO)

juan pabloOh Juan Pablo. Will you ever learn? It's as though his DNA is wired to piss off every woman on the planet. His latest transgression? He posted an Instagram pic of him with a seriously HOT woman that is NOT Nikki Ferrell. The photo alone would have been bad, but then he added a few choice, lustful words.


He posted this along with the comment: "#tbt Couple of YEARS ago when @claudiafitness was getting me FIT... She is AMAAAAAZING..."

Why would he say something like this about another woman's body. Sure, it's true but given all the flack this guy has gotten for being an insincere, sex-obsessed jerk, he should really think twice about doing things like this.

Admittedly, this comment would have been pretty innocuous if it came from anyone else. But Juan Pablo is in serious need of some image rehab. If he's not careful, Nikki will get fed up. It must be exhausting to constantly defend your man.

Do you think posting this was bad judgment on the part of Juan Pablo?


Image via Instagram

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