'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Dustin Breaks His 'No Hook-Up' Promise

Without official teams, partners, or rivals, everyone on The Challenge: Free Agents is solo this season. Well, only if we're talking about the actual game. Because romantically, it seems like everyone has paired off at the start of episode two.

Dustin had promised his ex, Heather (with whom he appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy), that he wouldn't hook up with anyone on this season. Then in walks Jessica, and he can't possibly remember his vow.


So at the season's first costume party (because all MTV series have those), the hookups began. Jessica and Dustin stealthily made out in a stairwell while everyone else partied it up in Catwoman, schoolgirl, and other glamorous costumes.

The next day, the cast had their second challenge of the season: Auto Body Rally. They had to pair off, drive a manual car, get out at the finish line, and ride a modified bike. One player would then pedal the bike while the other sat backward and did the steering. After a few hilarious tip-overs and revelations that some gentlemen could not drive a stick shift, we had Laurel and Cohutta as the winners.

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And after the challenge, the entire group went out to celebrate the winning man's birthday and turned the bar into hookup-central. Nany and Cohutta, Swift and Jasmine, and Jordan and Laurel all had a great time together (wink, wink), but poor CT was stiffed with the final $750 tab. Rightfully so, he was a little peeved.

But Camilla was not going to let him go that easily as she began badgering and yelling at the guy who had just paid for all of her drinks. Nany, Camilla's best friend, immediately began backing her. But Camilla didn't see it that way and the fight quickly went from CT vs. Camilla/Nany to Nany vs. Camilla. And it continued well into the night as the "Camilla Tornado" tore through the house.

The next day, they both apologized and seemed to have made up from the night's major feud. And just in time too, because they had to face the house as Laurel and Cohutta (as winners of the challenge) announced that they had chosen Dustin and Jonna to go into that night's elimination round. Their opponent would once again be chosen by random draw. Dun dun dun ...

And as fate would have it, Emilee chose the kill card, as did Frank, for the second time in a row. No luck there.

So Dustin and Frank and Jonna and Emilee had to compete in the "Wrecking Wall" elimination, where each player had to scale a 30-foot wall, punching holes in it to reach the top and ring a bell. Luckily, a few of the competitors have had some wall-punching experience before, so the concept wasn't entirely foreign.

In a quick and painless round, Jonna easily defeated Emilee. But in a nail-biting finish, and with only a second ahead, Frank sent home Dustin, definitively ending his romance.

Do you think Dustin should have kept his promise to Heather?


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