Nikki Ferrell Shows Side of Juan Pablo We Haven't Seen Before (PHOTO)

Juan Pablo and Nikki FerrellSince becoming The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis has been called a lot of things. Rude. Shady. Insincere. Perhaps worst of all is that his love for Nikki Ferrell has been constantly questioned. How frustrating that must be. JP shouldn't have to answer to strangers. Besides, I've seen plenty of proof of love in photographs of Nikki and Juan Pablo to know there is something special between these two -- and that's something to be celebrated, not torn down, not even questioned.

I think I can confidently say that Nikki has managed to show the world the soft, lovable side of Juan Pablo.


It's a side we really haven't seen before. We've seen those lips in a thousand smooches, but with a look of love in his eyes? Not so much. But here it is. Love in a photobooth ... because, yes, that's where it can be captured.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell

Just the fact that these two stepped into a photobooth to take some couple pictures is proof enough of the sweet playfulness these two have. And they both had fun with it. Smiling. Kissing. Making funny faces. Kissing.

It's like with every new Instagram photo we see of Nikki and Juan Pablo, we are actually seeing their love for each other grow. I like this. I like this side of Juan Pablo. Happy happy in love loveliness! We should all have it.

What do you think of these Instagram photos? Seeing Juan Pablo in a whole new light?


Images via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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