First 'I Wanna Marry Harry' Trailer Is Here & We Can't Believe These Girls (VIDEO)

i wanna marry harry trailerIn what might just be the cruelest reality television prank (forget Punk'd and Joe Millionaire), Fox has officially released the trailer for their newest reality dating show: I Wanna Marry Harry.

Harry, of course, is none other than Prince Harry. Well, at least that's what the unsuspecting ladies are led to believe. In reality, he's a paid British actor named Matthew Hicks, whose sole job is to pretend to be royal and schmooze a dozen ladies. Not a bad job, huh?

The show is produced by the same man who did Joe Millionaire, so we're definitely sensing a bit of a theme here. But this time, they've really stepped their hoax game up. Check it out:


From the polo playing to the helicopter arrivals, palatial digs, and even incessant paparazzi, the show really attempts to fool the girls that they're actually dating the third heir to the British throne.

Then again, it seems that the ladies also don't have too high of standards: "Prince Harry, Harry Potter, I don't care," said one contestant. Hey, prince, wizard, whatever. Seems like they'll take either "His Royal Highness" or "The Boy Who Lived," as long as he's British and lives in a castle.

The show premieres on the May 27 on Fox and we're definitely starting our countdown now.

Will you be watching the show?


Image via FOX

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