Jenelle Evans Reveals the Shocking Truth About Her 'Teen Mom 2' Salary

Jenelle Evans

This is something all of us have wondered at one point or another, so don't even try and act like you haven't been at all curious. Even though they aren't living in mansions or anything remotely close, we have to assume the Teen Mom 2 stars are getting paid well by MTV -- or at least they should be based on how high ratings are for the show.

And while nobody knows the exact number, a fan on Twitter speculated that Jenelle Evans pulls in $100,000 per season, which isn't a bad chunk of cash in exchange for letting camera crews follow you around to capture all your drama. As is only fitting, Jenelle responded to the fan -- and what she had to say may surprise you. (I was a little shocked.)


Note the question mark at the end of the post accompanied by the little faces who are crying because they're laughing so hard. (At least I think that's what they are doing.)

So basically she's indicating that she doesn't make anywhere close to that much, which makes us even more curious as to how much she and the other girls are pulling in!

Again, taking ratings into consideration, shouldn't MTV be shelling out a decent amount of cash to keep them coming back season after season? Sure ... they signed up for the show and all, but that doesn't change the fact that they're airing their dirtiest of dirty laundry on TV for the world to see, which has caused all of them more than their fair share of heartache. (Isn't that worth at least $100K or so?)

How much do you think the Teen Mom 2 stars make?


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