Leah Calvert Is Only Hurting Herself by Exposing Her Ex's Dirty Secrets

Leah Calvert Corey Simms

Whoa. So it's pretty safe to say that the Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew had more than its fair share of dramatic moments -- but how crazy was it when Leah Calvert called out Corey Simms for cheating on Miranda?!?

In case you can't quite recall, after Dr. Drew asked her to divulge something she'd kept from producers, Leah's exact words were, "A lot of people don't know that a week before he got married, he kept texting me and texting me, and he's like 'I miss my family.' He told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda. When him and Miranda got together first, he was out cheating on her."

Dang. Way to throw a dude under the bus.


But the cheating part isn't what I found most interesting about Leah's words. I'm sorry, but the fact that she pointed out that Corey "missed his family" leads me to believe that there's definitely some unresolved business between them.

It sounds like he was making an attempt to get back together with her. From what we can tell, she didn't exactly set him straight and tell him to take a hike. And given all of the trouble she and Jeremy Calvert have had in their marriage over the past few months, the last thing she needs is to inadvertently give him even more reason to believe there may still be feelings between her and Corey.

If she'd simply brought up him cheating on Miranda, that would be one thing -- but the "I miss my family" stuff throws a whole new level of complicated into the mix that Leah may not be able to escape from.

Hmm. Something tells me the drama surrounding her love life is far from over -- to the point where it's probably just getting started.

Do you think Leah still loves Corey?


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