Nikki Ferrell Makes a Move So Shady Even Juan Pablo Will Be Shocked

Nikki Ferrell

Ok you guys ... this is just weird. She and Juan Pablo Galavis are out in L.A. right now, and would you believe that Nikki Ferrell met with a Bachelor producer -- and even shared a wine toast with him?!?

Yep. Elan Gale posted this photo of Nikki to Twitter and said, "Well, look who dropped in for a surprise visit." As far as we can tell, she met with this dude by herself, which is pretty darn shady, if you ask me.

Um, aren't Nikki and Juan Pabs supposed to be shunning all things Bachelor? If the show did him such a huge disservice -- why in the heck is his girlfriend getting all chummy with one of the producers?


I think I have an answer for that one.

Duh. Nikki isn't stupid enough to burn all her bridges when she isn't 100 percent sure that things are going to work out with Juan Pabs. She wants to make sure she's in a prime spot to position herself for another possible gig down the road -- like maybe being The Bachelorette or on Bachelor Pad or something.

Yeah, yeah, I know yesterday I said that Nikki seems to be tiring of the spotlight -- but maybe that's not the case at all? Maybe she's only getting started, and deep down in her gut, she knows that she and Juan P. are never going to get hitched.

Can't you just see the promo for her hypothetical season of The Bachelorette now? The girl whose heart was crushed into a million pieces by a dude who never really loved her, blah, blah, blah. Come on -- it's no secret that producers love to bring back people from past seasons, so Nikki would definitely be a shoo-in for the job. 

Huh. If she knows what's good for her, she should probably think about kicking Juan Pabs to the curb sooner rather than later. The longer she waits, the less current she'll become in terms of viewers wanting to root for her.

Do you think it's strange that Nikki met with a Bachelor producer?


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