Jenelle Evans Is Up to Something Sneaky While Nathan Griffith Is in Jail (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has been doing surprisingly well handling her baby daddy Nathan Griffith's 47-day incarceration. She's spending time with Jace, getting back into her classes, and feeding yet-to-be-born baby Kaiser lots of peanut butter and Mexican food. Can we say pregnant much?

Anyway, the Teen Mom 2 star apparently has something crafty and sentimental to do for Nathan to surprise him when he comes home.


On Tuesday she tweeted, "I just put together THE GREATEST IDEA for when my man arrives home! So excited I'm getting it ready now!" What could it be? Well, something with lights ... early Wednesday morning, she asked her followers, "Where can I find white Christmas lights this time of year? I'm getting together Nathan's surprise and need help!!!"

Several hours later (after finding the lights, from the looks of it), she posted this:

Hmmmm ... something sentimental involving lights, photos, and some sort of trim? My guess is some sort of lighted picture wall. 

Well whatever it is, I hope it turns out looking adorable, but I'm sure Nathan will love it regardless.

What do you think Jenelle Evans is making?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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