Juan Pablo Is Promoting Nikki Ferrell's Biggest Insecurity

nikki ferrell juan pablo danceSince the beginning of Juan Pablo Galavis' stint as el Bachelor, we've known one thing about Nikki Ferrell: girl can't dance. Luckily, she can laugh at her own two left feet and was always willing to try, because suave JP likes to get his bonafide baile on!

In case you need reminders: back on their group date in South Korea, Nikki let Kat take the lead and bust the moves, while she danced in the back line. And on her ABC questionnaire, she was  asked what her preferred style of dancing was, to which she replied: "Is drunk dancing a type?" Yes. It most definitely is.

But as insecure and  it turns out that she'll have to step her dancing game way up because Juan Pablo recently tweeted that the they will be participating in a charity dance party!


The couple has signed up to participate in a high school dance party to benefit a 4-year-old little girl who suffers from a tumor disorder. Nikki met with the organization, Tumor Hater, on one of her trips to Juan Pablo's hometown and since we know that both her and JP love kids, it's no surprise that they're joining forces to raise awareness for an awesome cause. Even if it means they have to be dancing in front of countless people. And high schoolers, no less!

I would definitely be terrified to show anyone my scrawny dance moves, but I have to give major props to Nikki for being so willing and ready to slip on her dancing shoes!

Do you give Nikki credit for being willing to dance in public?


Image via Nikki_Ferrell/Instagram

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