Chris Harrison's Next 'Bachelor' Choice Is So Crazy It Should Be True

chris harrison bachelorWe all have our personal wishes on who should be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. Naturally, so does Chris Harrison, who shocked some by saying he thought his ex-wife would make a great Bachelorette. I think he's on to something there -- I'd nominate my ex-husband to be on The Bachelor ... as long as they made absolutely sure he had women on the show with the best intentions. She could be a potential stepmother to my kids. Personal desires aside ... let's talk more about what Chris Harrison wants; since he's the host, perhaps his wishes could come true. And I'm not just talking about his wife being the next Bachelorette.

Harrison said he wants the next Bachelor to be ... who I would guess is most of America's choice for the next Bachelor. Can you guess?


It's George Clooney.

"I still think, you know, George Clooney would be phenomenal," Harrison said about the 52-year-old actor. Wow. Clooney is 52 already?!? His other choice would be Derek Jeter. But George is choice number one.

Could you imagine?

I would bet that George -- if presented with this outrageous opportunity that would translate into ratings gold -- would entertain this idea. He did that win a date with George Clooney (for charity, but still!). And he already dates younger women who look very much like the types that are cast on the show. Why not just make it easy for the silver fox (and more fun for the whole world) and put him on a dating show so he can date 30 women at the same time without judgment and break up with one or two or three every week depending on his mood? His dating life is already in the tabloids all the time so he can handle that pressure, and well, he's GEORGE CLOONEY! He LOVES women.

This is so perfect!

They would have to cast him secretly, of course. So women didn't rush to sign up without really wanting to find true love because of course that is what George is looking for. TRUE LOVE! And then when the women got out of the limo for the first time to be greeted by GEORGE CLOONEY, we will see some of the most shocking TV moments in history, aside from what happens on The Walking Dead ... this however with love bubbles and not zombie gurgles. Though there may be some of the latter.

Harrison added on his wish for George, "... I’m still holding out for Clooney. Only because I’m selfish and I would like to hang out with Clooney for a couple months and drink scotch and swap stories." It's always smart to aim high ... you never know! (That is life advice, too, not just when talking about Clooney on The Bachelor.)

I'd take up drinking scotch to swap stories with Clooney, too. Now how do we convince George?

What do you think of Chris Harrison's choice for the next Bachelor? Who would be your choice?


Image via Chrisbharrison/Instagram

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