Dancing Granny on 'Britain's Got Talent' Totally Gobsmacks Judges (VIDEO)

By now we should all know not to trust Simon Cowell's instincts about the unusual guests who attempt to wow him and the other judges on Britain's Got Talent. One incredible 79-year-old contestant named Paddy was no exception when she and her much younger dance partner Nico -- with whom, she assures the judges, she has a strictly professional relationship -- announced their plans to perform a hot salsa routine.

What started off as a slow snoozefest quickly heated up and left the judges -- yes, Simon included -- stunned and clamoring for more. Seriously, this woman is amaaazing and you have to see this video to believe it.


After causing Simon to actually yawn and push his red buzzer, Paddy and Nico pick up the pace in a major way and begin shimmying and shaking their hips like a couple of pros. Nico throws Paddy up in the air and swings her between his legs as if she's a teenager.

And you can bet the gorgeous and confident senior blows the judges and the world away with her insanely fabulous dance. Simon apologizes and eats his words before calling their routine "extraordinary."

Paddy is a role model for ALL women -- young or old. She gave up dancing when she got married and had four children and then picked it up again after her husband passed away. I would seriously kill to have one-eighth of her energy, not to mention her fab legs, when I'm 79.

Seriously, drop everything and watch this inspiring video. You will not be disappointed!

What did you think of Paddy's performance?


Image via YouTube

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