'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: A Very Public First Kiss

Erin Bates and Chad PaineThis week, I witnessed a couple’s first kiss ever on their wedding day. I almost felt voyeuristic curled up on my couch watching Erin Bates and Chad Paine go at it on 19 Kids & Counting. The pressure! There were cameras and 1,000 guests at their wedding. They could have knocked noses. Did they discuss the whole tongue or no tongue issue beforehand? Oh, Erin, I would probably annoy you over coffee.

The whole Duggar family plus Jessa’s G-rated love interest, Ben Seewald, and his mom traveled to Tennessee for the nuptials. Jessa is slacking now that she’s in a courtship. Her responsibilities are falling on Jinger who took it in stride packing for all of the younger kids. OMG. I thought packing for my son was tough!

Jim Bob used the 12-hour bus ride to ask Ben 21 questions, including, “What kind of girl have you been praying for your whole life?” Ben mentioned love of the Lord before looks. This guy is cool under pressure. I think Jim Bob is impressed.


There were lots of pranks during this episode. The Duggar girls surprised Erin with a gag wedding gift to tease her about her lack of skills in the kitchen (a cookbook, fire extinguisher, and smoke alarm). John David led the effort to “trash” Erin and Chad’s getaway car with moth balls, sardines, and toilet paper.

Antics aside, the wedding was beautiful. There really is a payoff for having a huge family and hanging out with people with huge families. They made the food, created the centerpieces and candle holders, decorated the church, and sewed the bridesmaids’ dresses without drama or in-fighting. It was incredible!

Jim Bob was touched watching Erin’s dad walk her down the aisle. He had his eyes on Jessa and Ben during the wedding and couldn’t help but wonder how he would feel being father of the bride one day. “It’s going to be very special but it’s also going to be heart wrenching because you’re giving away your daughter,” said Jim Bob. And Erin’s siblings, especially Carlin Bates, struggled with their sister moving out of the family home and getting married. There were tears mixed with pure joy. It all seemed to foreshadow what we can expect from the Duggar daughters in courtships.

What did you think of Erin and Chad’s wedding? Did you feel a little funny watching their first kiss or did you think it was sweet that they waited?

Image via DuggarsBlog

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