'Glee' Recap: The Guys Can't Get No Satisfaction

tested glee stillThe men of McKinley may be back together, but as we know full well, it's not at all smooth sailing in the Big Apple. Especially in matters of the heart -- and between the sheets. Artie, Sam, Kurt, and Blaine were all reminded in different ways that "love is a battlefield" -- set to an all-'80s soundtrack, of course. 

For instance, it turns out that since settling into his life in NYC, Artie has been every bit the player, hooking up with several girls at film school -- except the one he really wants, Julie. In the process of getting with the others, though, he finds out he has contracted chlamydiaEwwwww. Seeing him dressed up throughout the episode as a big STD, though? So funny.


Although he only managed to skeeve out Julie by acting uber-hyper about sex and confessing his infection, but mostly by telling her who he had sex with, I have a feeling she's not going anywhere. She's just too adorable to disappear after this ep!

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Sam went all Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko on us. Not with Grease tracks, but with Mercedes asking of her besotted guy, "Let's wait a while." A while potentially meaning until marriage. Yow ... that IS a lot to ask of a 19-year-old guy, as Sam rightfully pointed out and Mercedes did seem to concede. But after praying on the conundrum himself, Sam decided he loves Mercedes more than sex. Pretty boy is in LOVE!

As for Blaine and Kurt, the power dynamic between the betrothed couple has shifted in a big way since their New Directions days. And by big, I mean Blaine's freshman 15 (or maybe more) -- which he seems to have gained from a too-steady diet of cronuts and street food -- is driving a wedge between him and his newly ripped and health-conscious fiance. Thankfully, once Blaine came clean about his insecurities, the two managed to duke it out and are now on a fit new track together.

But in the midst of all these promising endings, there was just one person left hanging: Rachel, who reminisced about her first time (with Finn, who remained unnamed) to Mercedes. It was a perfect opportunity for Mercedes to ask a burning question on all of our minds: when or how she might move on with a new man? Doesn't sound like it's going to happen this season, but judging from what Ryan Murphy said recently, romance may very well be in her future come season 6. Until then, it seems there's still plenty of Glee love drama to go around!

What do you think about Sam and Mercedes' decisions? How soon do you suspect Rachel will move on?


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