'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Heather Makes Aviva Look Like the Good Guy

heather thompsonIf you asked any random Real Housewives of New York fan who they thought was crazier, Heather Thomson or Aviva Drescher, I'd put my money on them saying Aviva. Because, well, she is. But what Heather did on Tuesday's episode of RHONY was just in bad taste and only helped Aviva's "I'm the victim" case.

Shortly after Aviva and Heather had their make-up pow-wow that, let's be honest, didn't involve much making up at all, Heather invited Aviva to her 10-year anniversary party as a peace offering -- to which Aviva said yes. But then the day before the party, Heather texted Aviva (texted her!) to uninvite her, because she felt that it was "too soon" and not a good place for them to move forward with their friendship. And adding insult to injury, she punctuated her text with "holla!"


Aviva then of course told her new BFFs, Ramona and Sonja, what Heather did, and they, as a sign of solidarity, decided to bail on Heather's party after RSVPing. That didn't sit well with Heather, so she spent a good chunk of her party that celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss shit-talking Sonja, Aviva, and Ramona and her "Singer Stinger."

So now it's a full-on blondes versus brunettes battle royale.

To be honest, I was kind of surprised when Heather invited Aviva to her anniversary party after they just finished the biggest non-make-up in the history of non-make-ups. But. Since she did invite her, it was in really poor form to then uninvite her. I mean, who does that? I certainly understand why Aviva would be miffed, but I don't know if Sonja and Ramona had to go as far as bailing on the party. Clearly, that was only going to add fuel to the fire and divide the sides even further.

The first few episodes of this season started out with everyone, save for Aviva, kinda-sorta getting along with one another. But after Tuesday's ep, there are two definitive sides in this, and that can only mean one thing: Awesomeness for us. Major drama to come.

Do you think Heather was wrong to uninvite Aviva?


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