Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Sets His Sights on Another Future Baby Mama

Adam Lind Taylor Halbur

Dude. He only broke up with Taylor Halbur like five seconds ago, but supposedly Adam Lind already has a new girlfriend. For the life of us, we can't understand why in the heck she agreed to go out with him.

(Oh man. Chelsea Houska must be rolling her eyes right about now ...)

While there aren't too many details about their relationship so far, being that it's so new -- we do have a name, which is worth its weight in gold, people!


Apparently the girl's name is Mandy, and she's no stranger to the world of parenting, so Adam having two kiddos shouldn't rattle her cage. Yep. She also has a daughter. I guess that's at least one thing she has in common with him.

And amid reports that Adam was talking to other girls behind Taylor's back before their split happened, she should probably go ahead and thank her lucky stars that she got out when she did.

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Seriously -- what is the appeal of this dude? I just don't get it. Given the fact that he's on a reality TV show, you'd think this Mandy chick would already know a bit about his background and wouldn't want to get mixed up with him. But then again, maybe that's part of what drew her to him in the first place? You know, like he can possibly offer her a couple minutes of fame or something?

Whatever the case, she probably shouldn't get her hopes up about this turning into some meaningful, lasting relationship. (Especially if she winds up having a kid with him.)

Are you surprised that Adam has a new woman?


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