Leah Calvert Should Be Furious About Corey Simms' Plans for Their Daughter

Leah Calvert daughter

It has to be nothing short of heartbreaking for Leah Calvert and Corey Simms to come to terms with their daughter Aliannah's muscular dystrophy diagnosis, but it seems that they are on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of coping. And amid reports that Corey does not want Aliannah using a wheelchair, it's clear that he's not quite ready to accept reality at this point in time.

Yes, Ali has made a great deal of progress with physical therapy and can walk on her own -- but there are times when she needs the wheelchair to get around because her muscles cannot support her weight.


A source told RadarOnline, "Leah is doing everything she can for Ali and she wants her to use the wheelchair to make her life better. Corey of course loves his daughter, but he's been more difficult to convince that it is the best thing for Ali. He doesn't want to accept that she does need the wheelchair."

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No parent wants to see their child suffering or in pain, but if Corey truly wants what is best for his daughter, he's going to have to accept her circumstances for what they are instead of trying to deny that she will struggle in life more than other kids. If doctors are recommending that she use one and it helps her get around, then that is the only thing that Corey should be concerned with. Not the fact that he wishes she were healthy. Or that raising her isn't going to be easy as the years go on.

And aside from making things easier on himself by accepting Ali's diagnosis -- he'll also do Leah a huge favor by keeping them on the same page as far as co-parenting goes. The last thing she needs is for Ali to suffer more setbacks when she's with Corey because he pushes her too hard -- or God forbid doesn't allow her to use the wheelchair when she desperately needs it. (Ugh. Doesn't the thought of that just break your heart?)

Do you think Corey is in denial?


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