Juan Pablo Dissed by Andi Dorfman AGAIN in Majorly Public Slam (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman

Ugh. You'd think now that she's officially The Bachelorette, she could put the past behind her and move on with trying to find true love and all that jazz.

But after seeing Andi Dorfman's first Bachelorette promo poster? Yeah. It's clear that she and ABC have every intention of milking what went down between her and Juan Pablo Galavis for every ounce of drama it's worth.

(You know, because she obviously isn't interesting enough on her own to carry an entire season.)

Check out what will likely be the first of many Juan Pablo jabs this chick is going to take.


Bachelorette promo poster

Seriously? Way to go ahead and cheapen her search for love before it even gets going, ABC.

We get it. Andi had and obviously still has a major beef with Juan Pablo -- but isn't the whole purpose of her being The Bachelorette to get over him and find someone else?!?

How is she supposed to do that if Juan Pabs keeps getting brought up? I can't lie -- I'm not an Andi fan. Like at all. She lost me during her fight with Juan Pablo when she refused to back down even though he obviously knew he messed up with her and respected her decision to leave. (Someone wanted a little extra camera time is all I'm sayin'.)

But I still think she deserves a shot at happiness. She needs to stop with the Juan Pabs bashing and kick things off on a more positive note; otherwise, she's setting herself up for disaster.

Doesn't she think the dudes cast on her season are paying attention? And if she keeps publicly cutting down her ex, won't they wind up walking on egg shells around her out of fear that she'll turn on them too?

Andi really needs to get her act together. Stat. And if she doesn't? Let's just say I won't be the only one who has no problem seeing right through her.

Are you an Andi fan? Why or why not?


Images via ABC

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