'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Recap: Kailyn Lowry's Husband & Ex Face Off

teen mom 2 reunion kailyn lowry jo rivera javi marroquinThe latest season of Teen Mom 2 may be over, but Dr. Drew and his crew are resurrecting the drama and highlights from all of season 5. That's right, it's reunion time! Tonight's episode features Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, as well as their respective husbands and baby daddies, discussing all the goings-on. And boy, was there heavy stuff.

Kailyn has faced domestic violence in the past and has hit Javi on-camera before. So when Dr. Drew asked if they've had any difficulties, she revealed that she slapped Javi across the face just the night before the reunion! Apparently, the two were arguing over Jo bringing Isaac back to their house and Kailyn took her anger out on her husband. She was clearly embarrassed and sorry for the outburst and agreed that therapy would help.


But, as it turns out, this isn't the only issue the two have had with Jo. Remember earlier in the season when Kailyn was still pregnant and dropped Isaac off at his father's house? There was a bit of a misunderstanding and Kailyn arrived later than promised. Jo got very heated and as Kailyn walked away, he muttered, "I hope your water breaks." Understandably, Kail and Javi were not too happy to see that once the episode aired and confronted Jo about his words. Jo was quick to apologize to Javi and suggested that the two guys go out and speak alone together, away from Kail and away from the cameras.

Keep us posted on how that goes, guys!

teen mom 2 reunion leah messer corey simms

Also in the episode, Leah and Corey discussed Ali's condition and what it means for their family. In the most heartbreaking part of the episode, Leah recalled how adorable Ali deals with everything. "She'll ask me, 'Mommy, why do I keep falling?'" said Leah. It just broke our hearts to hear about Ali's disease, but the little tot is a fighter!

The formerly married couple also discussed their current relationship triangle (or square, I s'pose). They both admit that they "will always be good friends." Leah added: "At this point, I feel like that's all it is."

Anyone else catch that? "At this point"? Could there be another point? Maybe I'm reading a tad bit too much into that line, but as final as Leah and Corey's breakup may have been, it seems that there might be some lingering feelings.

But at the moment, Leah did seem very happy with Jeremy, and he even admitted that he will go to couple's counseling to work on their communication issues. And better yet: he has taken a job close to home so he can be with Leah and the girls more as he works. Huzzah! He also, shockingly, admitted that he would like to have one more child with Leah! Wow. So many revelations.

Tonight's episode may have been filled with romantic triangles, but next week's reunion show will feature Chelsea and Jenelle. Plus Randy and Barbara, who are the real king and queen of the series, amirite?!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Leah and Corey are done? And do you think Jo is sincere in his apology?


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