'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Maddy Makes Decisions Without Consulting Her Baby's Daddy

16 and pregnant maddyWith the latest season of Teen Mom 2 ending last week, we didn't have to wait too long for our next 16 and Pregnant round to begin. The latest season started tonight with Maddy, a rising high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois.

Sixteen-year-old Maddy lives with her mom, brother, sister, and baby half-sister (Maddy's mom gave birth three months before Maddy did) and has been an active athlete in school. But things took a turn for the much, much worse when she broke up with her boyfriend and went looking for a rebound. After finding Cody online, and after only an hour of knowing each other, the two hooked up, and boom, Maddy was pregnant.

That's right. They only knew each other for an hour before Maddy got pregnant. Is that a 16 and Pregnant record? Can anyone tell me?


And since Maddy's house was quickly filling up, especially with her newborn baby sister, Maddy and her mom had one of the most heartbreaking conversations on the show. Her mom had apparently told her previously that if she ever got pregnant, she would be kicked out. And mom stayed true to her promise. Maddy's mom allowed her to stay in the house for one month after the baby was born. After that, she had to either move to Cody's house or to her dad's (who lives an hour away in Indiana). Wow, I understand that the space might be tight, but forcing her to move to another state or to the home of a boy she barely knows is a little harsh, mom.

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But Cody, along with his seemingly supportive parents, agreed to take in Maddy after her allowed one-month stay at home. They even went as far as to remake their current dining room into a baby nursery. They put up walls, fixtures, and new furniture all to house the baby. Maddy, meanwhile, would be sleeping in Cody's room. In a separate bed, strangely. What a perfect set-up for all those late-night pillow talks!

To make matters weirder, Maddy and Cody had never even been on a date. Err, unless you count that time they went to buy the pregnancy test, that is. But they finally went out to dinner and hung out for the first time when she was already nine months pregnant. And that didn't even go smoothly. The pair almost immediately began arguing over the baby's last name. Cody wanted his, but Maddy strongly refused.

Ultimately, she made the decision and little Aubrey Lynn took Maddy's last name. If their relationship wasn't already strained, this sure didn't help.

When it finally came time to bring little Aubrey home and then move out of her mom's house, Maddy made yet another painful decision. And without any input from Cody. She decided to move to her dad's house. In the end, I can't really blame her. Cody only visited his daughter twice during her first two months, and even those interactions seemed to last one hot sec.

It clearly seems like Maddy will have to make plenty more decisions for her baby in the future. But hopefully Cody gets more involved.

Should Maddy have moved in with Cody or did she make the right decision?


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