'16 & Pregnant' Season 5 Premiere Kicks Off Another Round of Wrenching Drama

16 and PregnantIt looks like season 5 of MTV's uber popular reality show 16 and Pregnant is kicking off another round of showing the unglamorousness of teen pregnancy in all its mucky glory. In Monday night's premiere episode, we meet Maddy Godsey, who goes on a first date with her baby daddy Cody Jensen after becoming pregnant with his child the same day they met.

As it turns out, the two aren't really ready to be thrown into this whole parenting thing at 17- and 19-years-old, and in one scene spend more time arguing over what the baby's last name will be than discussing how they will actually care for her.


Turns out to be a moot point, as Maddy to Us Weekly that since her daughter Aubrey Lynn was born on October 20, Cody has all but disappeared. She says that she hasn't seen him in almost four months.

He apparently stepped it up some when she was pregnant and had a mega meltdown over his lack of involvement, but it didn't seem to take. She told the magazine, "Once [Aubrey] was born, he just stopped coming around ... he hasn't seen her since she was 2 months old, or asked about her."

Ugh! Why do these boys do that? Why can't they all be like Tyler Baltierra?

Anyway, it was definitely a scary situation to be thrown in. Maddy said about her pregnancy, "I think I was more terrified than anything else. Just because I knew my life was gonna change, I didn't know how to tell my parents, and I knew I couldn't support a baby by myself. It was worse because me and Cody didn't know each other at all." She added, "The first day we met was when I got pregnant."

It's harder than she expected, which is a normal response to first-time motherhood at any age, but probably compounded by her youth. "I feel like it's harder than I expected, just because I'm doing it on my own. And sometimes I feel like I'm on house arrest because I can't go anywhere, really, 'cause I have her all the time," Maddy admitted. "I love being a mom -- I just feel like I want a family."

Ugh, break my heart already, MTV!

Did you watch Monday's night's premiere?


Image via Maddy Godsey/Twitter

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